Refer an Amazon Business and receive a BMW i4

At BBG, we love to make things simple and easy to understand. Even when an electric supercar is in the game. Therefore, your brand new BMW i4 n is just one "Submit a Referral" away – because this is how the Germans do things.

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You refer

Do you know somebody who owns a successful Amazon business and wants to exit? There is no better acquirer than BBG. Please introduce us via this form.

Submit a Referral
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We acquire

BBG will reach out to all qualified leads and if interest is shown on both sides, we secure the deal.

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You get a BMW i4

If we sign the contract, one of the best German electric car on the market is yours (or the equivalent in cash, it's up to you!*


Once we secure the deal, we will contact you with an exciting offer for your reward - do you want to have a BMW i4 or do you prefer Cash?

The BMW i4 will be delivered to you or cash wired to your bank account. That‘s it! Please visit our FAQs for more details.


in D2C

We are pioneers in D2C business and create award-winning products. We have been creating brands and democratizing consumer markets for over a decade.

We scale

We have access to 1.5 billion active e-commerce shoppers through several sales channels in 28 European countries, in the US, China and Turkey.

pay more

As we will be able to elevate your brand to 100+ channels and many additional countries, the sales potential of your brand will be significantly higher than with any other potential buyer. As a result, we will be able to evaluate and price your brand more attractively.

Refer an Amazon seller

Know someone who is looking to sell their business? Refer them to us and we’ll reward you with a BMW i4 or equivalent in cash.

Terms & Conditions

Know someone looking to sell their business?

Refer them to us and we'll reward you with 20,000€ if we acquire the brand.

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